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Run your own potion shop by foraging for ingredients and brewing together old recipes. If you've got a little extra coin, recruit some minions to lend a hand! Created in Unreal Engine 4 as part of the Toronto Game Jam 13, on the weekend of May 4-6, 2018. 


*Note: Press Esc / F11 / Alt-Enter to toggle full screen!


- A / D (or arrowkeys): Move left / right

- E/Space: Interact 

Controller:  - Left joystick: Move left / right

- A / Action 1 Button: Interact Created by: 

Andrea Woodford (Art / Design)

Alain Bellemare (Code / Design)

Steve Woodford (Art / Design)

George Degenkamp (Code / Design)

Mike Romaniak (Audio / Sound)

Install instructions

Extract and run.


WitchsBrew_v1.2.zip 102 MB

Development log


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Had a blast playing this and kept getting sidetracked making an organized garden.  I failed at that part but did end up making some potions eventually.  Good job!