A downloadable game for Windows

Trilobuddy puts you in charge of making and refining your own species of Trilobites! Customize the look and setup the behavior your species and send them off into the world to see how they fare up against others! Don't like how things are looking? Make some adjustments in-game using the Trilovolver-Machine to refine your species' traits and watch the results play out!

Our game runs a modifiable simulation that allows the player to watch the results of different behavioral traits as they are applied to a set of trilobites. Using the species-tracker information and the sliders in the Trilovolver-Machine, the player can continuously adjust the behavioral traits, pushing for an optimal behavioral setup. Trilobuddy also records the player's creature (name, appearance, and traits) to an online database so that when new players join, they are playing against creatures made by past users.


- Use the UI to setup your TriloBuddy in the TriloBuilder menu

- Start the Game

- Watch your TriloBuddies (click on them for more info) and make adjustments to the behaviour of your species using the Trilovolver-Machine to try to out-survive the other species

- When finished, you can use the Menu to return back to the builder and start again


Trillobuddies_PC_Final.zip 17 MB


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Interesting, seems good enough to have a go :P